9819 - Natural malachite & red agate elegant design half frame in high quality titanium for Lady

Item No.: 9819
High quality import titanium with high end agate decoration jewelry glasses frame
Color : Gold, Pink, Silver,  Customize
Size : 53-16-140
Frame Material : Titanium
Serivice : OEM & ODM
In stock : Yes
Delivery time : Need to negotiate



It's one of High end Jewelry Glasses Frame for women. These is a decorative pattern of water spray at the hinge part and the center of the spray is inlaid with an agate stone called 'the eye of the river', it's pretty elegant and fantasy. The whole is made in titanium. It has three colors: gold, silver and pink, which are high quality and high end experience of life. Nose pad used handmade Jade, whole frames is making with vacuum IP, which is protecting people's skin. It's semi-rim frame ,and the temple is titanium hollow out wire design, simple, pure fashion. The agate is the symbol of beauty, happiness, luck and the rich. According to legend of Geek Mythology, the agate was changed by the nail of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. So, people believed that agate can solidify the relationship between two lovers. This frames is quite suitable for the young ladies, it can give people a feeling of elegant, romantic and fantasy beauty.



High end natural agate decoration, whole frames is making with vacuum IP.

 hollow out soft temple design, semi-rim front design, superior polyester material.





With the changing times, people's quality of life has been improved, so that, people's demand for fashion and quality of life is getting higher and higher. The jewelry and high end products have became a manifestation of people's pursuit of a higher qualitiy of life. And our products of the high end jewely glasses frame series were made of 100% titanium, including the jade, agate and so on, to cater to the taste of those people who pursue high end products. Giving the wearer a high end and fashionable produt exceperience.




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