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2021 the 33st China International Optics Fair

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Update time : 2021-11-23 14:25:37
In 2021, Oct 20 to 22, the 33st China International Optics Fair was holding on Beijing. It was the biggest optical fair in China, an annual festivel of chinese glasses industry. Not only chinese famous eyewear brands were participate in, but also international eyewear brands were coming to celebrate this festivel. 

However, in this grand festival,  there was an epidemic of COVID-19 in Beijing. We were very worried about the safety of all guests and customers. So we informed all customers that if you have arrived in Beijing, we will welcome you on site. If you haven't started yet, please carefully consider the safety issue. Considering the safety problem, the number of customers coming to the exhibition site is very small. However, Junshun still welcomes a lot of high-end customers, many of whom are customers of optical shops and wholesalers. Some customers of large brands and e-commerce platforms make an appointment to come to our factory for detailed discussion. Thank you all for coming!

It is not easy for this year's exhibition to be successfully held under the epidemic prevention measures of the Beijing government. As a domestic high-end glasses factory with leading quality, junshun thanks all customers and friends present and not present, and thank you for your support to us all the time. Controlling the quality of glasses and adhering to the original design has always been something junshun is trying to adhere to. After 16 years of wind and rain, junshun will continue to bring high-quality glasses to our customers and friends!

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