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CIOF2023 Meet you all in Beijing

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Update time : 2023-06-21 15:21:29
The biggest optical fair in China will be held in Beijing, Sep.11-13, 2023.
Junshun's booth No. is 5041-5050, Hall No.5, it's the place always for Junshun for years.
Meet you all here to check our products!

Junshun Glasses is a professional factory that produces high-quality eyewear frames, focusing on the global high-end eyewear market. Our factory has 30 years of experience in high-end eyewear production, providing product customization services, ODM and OEM order services for many high-end eyewear brands, large- and medium-sized eyewear chain stores both domestically and internationally in China.

In the fair, we will present our stock frames, made with titanium imported from Japan, in IP plating. All designed by us and produced by us. LOGO printing service is offered.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our frames. Looking forward to meet you all in the fair!

Leader In Eyewear Glasses Factories
      Shenzhen Junshun Glasses MANU CO., LTD is a leader in eyewear glasses factories in China, mainly focus on middle and high quality glasses production since it was found in 2005. Junshun has not only OEM&ODM services, but also independent R & D capabilities, helping more than 18 customers develop structural patents, and provide them to customers free of charge.

      Since its establishment, Junshun has served more than 110 medium and large glasses brands, helping and witnessing the development of many glasses brands from small and medium-sized to well-known brands. Junshun implement ISO standard and Chinese quality standard. Junshun has its own requirements in quality check that are much higher than 95% of the factories in China, designs of frames meet the middle and high-end consumer's favourite and market demand, which makes Junshun have strong competitiveness, and the products are widely welcomed by the consumers. As a leader in optical industry, Junshun believes that "Honesty is the key to success", so we keep quality of products and our promission to our clients for all the time.
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